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Hungary Hu

Peter IttzesHu (over 5 years ago)

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by Ferenc Horváth (almost 5 years ago)

The web service embedding the Biome-BGC process-based biogeochemical model (NTSG, University of Montana, USA) that can be used to simulate carbon, nitrogen and water pools and fluxes of different terrestrial ecosystems. Two model version was implemented and deployed by the web service: i) the “base” Biome-BGC model: version 4.1.1 described by Thornton et al. 2005, modified by Max Planck Institute (Trusilova et al. 2009); ii) the newly developed Biome-BGC MuSo 2.2 version (Hidy et al. 2012, Hidy & Barcza 2013).

The Biome-BGC on Grid web service can provides

Monte Carlo Experiment and Spatial Extension projects require large number of executions of Biome-BGC model (version 4.1.1 Max Planck Institute or MuSo v2.2 can be selected). High computational demands of these projects are supported by volunteer desktop grid services. Both versions of the model are ported to the EDGeS@Home desktop grid system, that is built on BOINC volunteer desktop grid technology. The model is running with the help of the GenWrapper environment (Balaton et al. 2007, Marosi et al. 2009), and the jobs are submitted through the 3G Bridge component to the BOINC server (Kacsuk et al. 2009). The simulations require specific parameter inputs like SPINUP and NORMAL initialization files (INI) defining all settings required.

The SPINUP and NORMAL INI files refer to

  • METDATA - meteorology dataset file, daily meteorology input;
  • EPC - ecophysiological constants file, ecosystem functioning parameters;
  • CO2 data - annual atmospheric CO2 concentration file (optional);
  • NDEP data - annual nitrogen deposition file (optional);
  • SITE/SOIL parameters; and
  • OUTPUT CONTROL settings of Biome-BGC variables.

The Biome-BGC Projects database was developed to prepare, manage and share all of the above mentioned datasets used by the service, and provide interaction with Taverna workflows in a user friendly environment. Learn more about BBGCDB at http://ecos.okologia.mta.hu/bbgcdb/.

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User registration and login is required at Biome-BGC Projects Database (http://ecos.okologia.mta.hu/bbgcdb/).

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Péter Ittzés (ittzes.peter@okologia.mta.hu)

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Ferenc Horváth (horvath.ferenc@okologia.mta.hu)

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