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Renato De GiovanniBr (over 5 years ago)

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http://modeller.cria.org.br/ws2/om?wsdl (download last cached WSDL file)

from provider's description doc (over 4 years ago)

Second generation of a web wervice interface for remote invocation of openModeller

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by Renato De Giovanni (about 5 years ago)

No restrictions. However, if you plan to make intensive use of the service, such as submitting thousands of job requests in a short period of time, please contact us.

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Muñoz, M.E.S., Giovanni, R., Siqueira, M.F., Sutton, T., Brewer, P., Pereira, R.S., Canhos, D.A.L., Canhos, V.P. (2011) openModeller: a generic approach to species’ potential distribution modelling. Geoinformatica, 15: 111-135.

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