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The DWB REST Webservice for Taxon Lists is part of a Diversity Workbench (DWB) services network. It is delivering basic information on taxon names in use, synonyms, classification and German vernacular names of a number of groups of animals, fungi and plants.

The current focus is on domain-specific lists (checklists, taxon reference lists, red lists) from Germany under active curation by experts on taxonomy or floristics and faunistics. Each regionalised and domain-specific taxon list has its own history and objectives, is managed completely separately and has its own hierarchical classification. The DiversityTaxonNames (DTN) data resources accessed by the REST API may include additional taxon-related data useful, e. g., for regional nature conservation agencies and environmental projects.

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Seifert, S., Weiss, M., Triebel, D. (2015) onwards. The Diversity Workbench Service Cloud – Regionalised and Domain-specific Taxon Lists. – http://services.snsb.info/DTNtaxonlists/rest/v0.1/static/api-doc.html

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