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by Thomas Pfuhl (about 3 years ago)

The BioCASe Monitor Service BMS 2.0 is a tool for coordinators of networks of biodiversity databases that are based on the BioCASe Provider Software (BPS). It allows registration of BioCASe providers and their data sources and delivers, by the means of Webservices, all relevant information, e.g. the provider infos, the list of data sources, the useful links, and the xml archives.
The version 2.0 has been completely rewritten, and the Webservices added, by the GBIF-D team at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany.

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by Thomas Pfuhl (about 3 years ago)

GPL 3.0

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by Thomas Pfuhl (about 3 years ago)

free of charge

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by Thomas Pfuhl (over 2 years ago)

no partiocular restrictions

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